Our norrbottenspets,

also called


came into our lives after a lot of searching for breed that our youngest daughter could use in Junior handling and 4-H. At the time we had Rottweilers and found that she needed something a little smaller to handle. I've always liked the spitz breeds and when I found this little dog I was hooked !! A big dog in a little body is what I thought ..and I was.. Right !

Shortly after we purchased our Norrbottenspets, we lost both of our Rottweilers within a month each other and I was devastated.
We decided that we didn't want to replace our Rottweilers, so it was decided that if we were getting another large breed it would be a boxer. I( saw Sabre: Ch. Berlane's Causing An Uproar, and fell in love .)
When we chose our kennel name

 It was to represent the music to which we live our lives .
The past ...the present ... the future
our Rottweilers, our Norrbottenspets, and our Boxers.

For the past couple of years R&B has been changing its direction. We want to show that our dogsare not just pretty dogs. We use our dogs for their originally intended purpose which is hunting.

We continue to get conformation championships on our dogs and strive for additional titles, including but not limited to obedience, rally-o and agility.